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for your business/products as per your
choice of color, pictures, text, etc.

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Readymade Designs

You won’t have to create anything from scratch. Just add your details and enjoy.

Suits Any Business

All the designs can be used for almost any and every business. It’s that easy.

Multiple Dimensions

The posters come in different dimensions and layout that is suited for Facebook & Instagram.

99 Unique Design

Each poster is unique and has it’s own exclusive design.

Save Time

All the posters can be edited and personalized in minutes, no kidding!

Save Money

No more wasting money in hiring a designer or getting your posters done.


Fully customizable to match your brand, Unlimited Use & Lifetime Access.

Classy & Attractive

Grabbing Eyeballs was never
this easy.

Inventive Digital Startup Design Pack includes:

365+ Social Media Posts / Flyers / Posters
100+ Indian Festivals Greetings / Special Days
100+ Quotes
50+ Cover Pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
50+ Instagram Stories
20+ Invitation Cards
20+ Business Cards
15+ Business Presentations
10+ YouTube Thumbnails
Posters in Multiple Exclusive Designs
Comes in sizes for Feed, Story & Cover
Can be used for almost every business
Can be reused unlimited times
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