A logo or brand-mark is the visual representation of your business. Logo design is the process of combining your brand message, imagery, and elements to turn it into a logo. The creative process captures the essence of your brand and helps make a unique symbol.

360digit is a team of professional Logo Designers in India with more than 8 years of experience in providing logo design services for all types of businesses in India. If you are searching for enterprise logo design, corporate logo design, or Small business logo design services in India then you have come to the right place. 360digit is a leading logo design company in India offering logo design services at very low prices.

How 360digit Professional Logo Services work


STEP 1: Choose your industry & style

If you know what type of custom logo design you need, start your logo contest by selecting an industry. Choose a logo style, font, or color closest to your needs and move to the next step.

➼ Choose an industry
➼ Select a logo style
➼ Select desired color and font

STEP 2: Create a brief to explain your needs

Create a simple brief explaining your professional logo needs. Attach a reference if you have to help our designers understand your company logo needs precisely. Once done, move to the next step.

➼ Explain what you need
➼ Attach a reference if any
➼ Be clear about your logo idea


STEP 3: Launch your contest

Once your logo contest brief is ready, launch your contest. Our professional designers will compete for it by submitting their logo designs for company. Watch submissions, choose favourites, and give feedback.

➼ Launch your contest
➼ Wait till designers submit the designs
➼ Check submissions, provide feedback for improvement

STEP 4: Choose the winning logo design

Choose the personalized logo you loved the most. Collaborate with the winning designer for edits and changes. Get all source files of the business logo with full ownership. Save and download.

➼ Choose a favourite logo
➼ Declare it a winner
➼ Collaborate with the designer to download your logo


Why you need a logo design for your company

Every business needs a perfect logo to solidify its recognition. 360digit helps you get professional logos within your budget. Since people are good at recognizing symbols, having a relevant logo for your company lets you leave a lasting impression, fosters brand loyalty, and sets you apart from competitors. It enables people to remember your business. Gradually, it builds your brand’s positive image in their minds and influences their purchase decisions.

Here’s why a logo is important for your business:
1. Boosts brand recognition
2. Stands out from competitors
3. Weaves a captivating brand narrative
4. Gives total control over your visual representation
5. Fosters customer loyalty
6. Sticks in people’s mind4

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