No matter what industry you operate in or what products you’re selling, a high-quality brochure or catalogue can be one of the most effective marketing tools for your business – one that sets you apart from competitors. This is a chance to showcase your products in a format that speaks to your quality, craftsmanship and will appeal to your customer’s aesthetics.

Best Brochure Design Services for Various Business Needs

With our years of experience and expertise in crafting company brochure designs, we have mastered the art of creating impressive brochures of various styles like bi-fold brochures, tri-fold brochures, business presentation brochures, flyers, and leaflets. Depending on your business needs, the experts offering brochure design services at 360digit can provide you with appealing designs to project the best image of your company, be it for a promotional brochure or a sales brochure. Starting from conceptualization to actual design of the brochures and flyers, our professionals work closely with you every step of the way, helping you to penetrate the reader’s mind with influential and persuasive corporate brochures and business flyers design. Some primary categories of brochures are:

Company Brochure Design

A company brochure serves as an ideal marketing tool to help you create a lasting impression of your brand and improve the visibility of your business in the market.

Product Catalog Design

Product catalogs help you inform your target audience about your product range and their features in an eye-catchy and unique manner.


Sales Brochure Design

Inform your customers about new offerings, sales or special promotions related to your products or services.

Various Types of Brochure Designs:

Bi-Fold Brochures

Bi-fold brochures have 2 folds (4 panels). It is similar to a booklet and are fairly inexpensive to print.

Tri-Fold Brochures

As the name implies, these brochures have 3 folds (6 panels) and offer more space to present any information.

Gate Fold Brochures

These brochures are inward folding like a gate on one big panel and are primarily used in high-end marketing campaigns.

Z-Fold Brochure

These brochures fold into a ‘Z’ pattern and are ideal for impressing readers through a stylish and unique appearance.

Four panel Roll Fold

Commonly used for step by step instructions or for educational material, this is a layout that folds in on itself.

Insert and Folder Brochures

Also known as pocket or folder brochures, these have spaces inside them where relevant product inserts can be put.

We Provide Superlative and World-Class Creative Brochure Design & Catalogue Design Services at Highly Affordable Rates.


Brochures created by us have some distinct characteristics. Our brochure design artists create highly impressive Brochure logo designs through appropriate usage of colors, fonts, ideas, and vision.

We design brochures for related products such as:

➼ Mailers
➼ Flyers
➼ Tri-fold brochures
➼ Sales brochures
➼ Business brochures
➼ Marketing brochures
➼ Corporate Brochures
➼ Company Profile
➼ E-Brochures
➼ Catalogs

The Fundamentals of at Brochure Design

Brochure design process

Simplicity is the first consideration when designing a brochure. A brochure consists of details of products or services and involves many images and a lot of text. So, to create a simple brochure that has all the essential information is not easy and requires special skills. Before starting the design, know the client’s brand message. Then chose colors, typeface, images, etc elements that convey the message. But make sure that you use only the client’s brand colors and fonts to maintain brand consistency. When using a brochure maker to create your choice of brochures, select the typeface, colors, images, etc to target your customers and keep your brand identity in mind.

What are different types of Brochures?

It seems that there are as many types of brochures as there are ways to fold a piece of paper. Already, around 15 types of brochures are commonly used by businesses. Common types of brochures include half-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, and roll fold. Then variations such as half-fold+tri-fold, half +half fold also are in use. Other brochure types include accordion fold, single gate fold, double gate fold, and parallel fold.

Now, which types of brochure design will be best for your business? The type of brochure design you choose will essentially depend on the amount of information as text and images. Make sure that the brochure layout is able to give all the details to the readers.

Importance of Brochures

Brochures have a lot of details regarding the products or services your company sells. So, a brochure educates customers about what you are selling and how it is useful to them. But the importance of brochures in business is not limited to giving out the details. More than that, a professionally created brochure is capable of driving people to your business.

Brochures can drive customers in so many ways. You can draw them to your website by using its URL on the pamphlet. You can attach a coupon or voucher with brochures to bring people to your retail store. Or, you can use brochures to simply create a buzz for a product that you launched recently. Also, remember that a well-designed brochure leaves a lasting impression on readers and, thus, helps to build your brand identity.

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