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Android is a ubiquitous operating system with a Linux kernel base and is secure and cost-effective for app development. Being an expert Android app development Toronto agency, we have experience in highly interactive, easy-to-use app development. We have profound experience in crafting customized hi-tech applications using Android SDK, JDK, JSP, and SQLite
We have senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class apps. Our skilled developers keep up with the times, as in outlook, ideas, latest tools, technologies, and frameworks, and deliver highly optimized applications with optimum code quality.

Our expertise includes all types of Android app design & development, native & hybrid apps that produce results. Build reliable and secure Android apps with Continuum at affordable rates.

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Our Android App Development Services


Android app design

UI/UX designers at Continuum are experts in creating intuitive, innovative, & engaging android app experience and leaving everlasting first impressions.


Native android development

Our expert has vast experience in native app development. We build superior-quality technology-driven native apps using native android SDK.


Third-Party Api integration

Our android developers are experts integrating third-party APIs to push or pull data easily as per the business requirements.


Android app upgrade

Our Android app engineers provide upgrade services by using the latest and advanced technologies. We upgrade your app in terms of the latest features, new version optimizations, and many more.


Testing & cloud integration

We provide reliable Android cloud testing services by employing the best frameworks. To optimize operational efficiency, we can seamlessly integrate Android apps with your existing backend.


Android app support & maintenance

Our developers follow best practices to manage, maintain, and optimize your app to ensure seamless functioning and reduce application downtime.

Our Core Expertise in the Field of Android App Development

Proficiency in Programming Languages

Mastery of programming languages such as Java and Kotlin, which are commonly used for Android app development.

Understanding of Android SDK

In-depth knowledge of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), including APIs, libraries, and tools necessary for building Android apps.

UI/UX Design Skills

Ability to design intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) that adhere to Android design guidelines and principles.

Database Management

Proficiency in database management systems like SQLite or Room for storing and retrieving data in Android apps.

Integrating APIs and Services

Experience in integrating third-party APIs and services such as Firebase, Google Maps, or social media platforms to add functionality and enhance user experience.

Testing and Debugging

Skill in testing and debugging Android apps using tools like Android Studio, JUnit, and Espresso to ensure app reliability and performance.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Commitment to staying updated with the latest Android development trends, tools, and best practices to deliver high-quality and cutting-edge apps.

Mobile App Architecture

Understanding of different architectural patterns such as Model-View-Controller (MVC), Model-View-Presenter (MVP), and Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) for building scalable and maintainable Android apps.

Why did choose our Android app development services?


Experienced Development Team

Our developers have the maturity, experience & familiarity with the concept of predictable navigation and integrate components to your app. This results in optimum results and appreciation once your app goes live on the Google Play Store.


Transparent Agile Processes

Our Android app development services are aligned with your technology goals & timelines. We track the process with our advanced quality management systems backed by ISO certifications and KPI reporting tools to offer 100% transparency.


Google Play Store Deployment

Our skilled developers work with you throughout the entire app submission process by providing recommendations in line with Google quality guidelines that include listing descriptions, assets, and more.


Technology Expertise

Our developers utilize the best & latest android frameworks and libraries to build custom Android apps. We produce high-quality & clean code by following global best practices.

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