360digit is a top-notch Social Media Post Design company in Surat, India. Our designs are like magic potions for your business, whether they’re boosting sales, getting people involved, or making your brand known to everyone. As a Social Media Post Design company in India, we use the newest trends and technologies to create designs that make people interested in what you have to offer. We also provide our social media post design services to outsourcing agencies in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. Don’t have well-branded graphics yet? Contact 360digit today for a consultation. Call us now at +91 8866266554. Let’s make your social media stand out!

We at 360digit help you to give all the solutions for your Social Media Branding like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Tumble profile pictures, cover page design, greeting & marketing/promotional image design.

Why you’re Business Needs Social Media Posting Services

Social Media is a big sea where if you don’t know how to swim then your efforts are in vain. As a business owner, your day is full of different tasks and if you include Social media posting in it then it will consume much time of yours, and still, it will be uncertain that you will get results or not. Social media is a collective term of many platforms that basically contains Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, and many more. For a business owner, it is very hard to understand the nature of every platform. 360digit a Social Media Marketing Company has a unique Social Media Strategy for every platform we examine each platform and built our social media posting strategy accordingly which will surely help you grow your business.

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Some Social Media Statistic You Should Surely Keep Your Eye On


• A normal User spends at least 2.3 hours on average time on social media.
• On average a single user has 7-8 social media accounts.
• One-third of social media users buy the product they see on social media.
• More than 80% of medium and small business use social media in some capacity.
• More than 45% of social media users are of 18-29 demographics.

Our Social Media Posting Services Includes

In-Depth Research about your Business

Research is the foremost important aspect of building any strategy. At 360digit we try to get as much information about your business. We talk to your business executives to get more details about your business. Our Team also studies your previous social media accounts to get the overlook of your existing social media content. For proper strategy building, we also study what your competitor is doing which helps to plan your social media journey.

Content Creation

Social Media content should not only be creative but also should bring value to the user’s life. Our social media expert team creates the best content for your business we also design perfect descriptions and hash-tags that will help your profile grow organically.


A/B Testing Approach

We don’t go by the same routine as everyone does us test the content, timing, engagement rate, and work according to it. For example, if we do 5 posts per week then we analyse the whole week and examine what type of content brings more engagement, which post has given more number of impressions which hash-tags are helping more. In this way, we try to build the best social media posting strategy through our A/B Testing Approach.


Optimizing Accounts

There’s always a chance for improvement. Our team constantly looking for where they can improve and generate more engagement and more impressions for your social media campaign.

Breakdown of Our social Media Posting As per Platform

Facebook Posting service

➡ Regular Feed Posting
➡ Facebook Event Posting
➡ Facebook Job Posting
➡ Facebook Offers Posting
➡ Facebook Ads

Instagram Posting service

➡ Regular Feed Posting
➡ Instagram IGTV Posting
➡ Instagram Reels Posting
➡ Instagram Stories Posting
➡ Instagram Ads Service

Twitter posting service

➡ Customized Tweets Posting
➡ Twitter Ads
➡ Twitter Re-tweets

LinkedIn Posting service

➡ LinkedIn Regular Posting
➡ LinkedIn Network Building
➡ LinkedIn Ads Posting
➡ LinkedIn Job Posting

Quora Posting service

➡ Quora Profile Creation
➡ Quora Space Creation
➡ Quora Question Posting

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