Freedom from boring printed business cards!

Digital visiting cards that you can share with infinite people on social media showplace. It is very inspirational and active. Make your customized visiting cards with our online business card maker. 360digit is a digital visiting card that is stylish, well-made, & reasonably priced. An easy method to distribute your contact details and develop your online trade. 360digit visiting cards are bug-free no corporeal contact is necessary to send or receive a digital card.

360digit digital visiting card stage allows professionals & teams to simply allocate their call information without the necessary for digital business cards a digital visiting card is an online means of distributing contact information. You can create and carve up up your contact information that has one snap test like Call, Email, Whatsapp, etc. the excellent and cheapest digital visiting card. Make many cards with more than one description and alter your card details several times. Can take in all of your contact and social details in a single, suitable over-formation to divide with the receiver.

360digit has been given that quality Digital Card. We are capable of present technologies. Our hub power understands the organization from the customer's view. Our consultant is completely familiar with the whole days around digital cards.


These Digital Visiting Cards are fixed with nteractive Component Like,

• Image Gallery
• Payment Information
• Social Media Links
• Products & Services
• YouTube Video Links
• Feedback For Customer

Digital Business Cards are a new method of sharing your contact in sequence and significant content helping you build up your dedicated group and production.


With one digital visiting card, endless possibilities

Click to call

Click, Call and Connect! Your recipients can TAP TO CALL make a call, thereby easily reaching out to you.

Click to email

With a simple tap, prospects can directly email to your inbox any interest or queries that they may have for your products or services.

Click to Whatsapp

Recipients can tap WHATSAPP to your number even if the number is not saved on their phones. A simple chat can initiate a chat session, hence building more leads easily.

Click to share in social media

Easily share business cards instantly through Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and others.

Click to locate

Recipients can click to locate your office or Retail Store location so easily by navigating to your business location using Google Map.

Click to visit website

A simple click can help recipients to surf to your website and create possible leads.

Add to Contacts

People can save all your contact details in their phone address book.

Easy To Update

You can update your details as and when you want to change the detail unlimited times.

Photo Gallery

Showcase your business related images and products to your customers (15 to 20 photo).

YouTube Video Gallery

Impress your customer by showing them your business products or services related YouTube videos.

Payment Section

Display payment details to your customers, Like: Paytm, Phone pay, Google Pay, Bank Account.

Enquiry Form

Our Card can help to capture leads with enquiry form. You will get Email notification for each enquiry.

Reviews & Ratings

Anyone can give feedback about your organization and rate out of 5 stars and others can see on the cards.

Visitors count

Card shows the unique visitor count who viewed your digital visiting card, Isn't it cool!!

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